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Aug. 8th, 2015 09:36 pm
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In order of accessibility (aka what im likely to check):

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Jul. 12th, 2015 08:17 pm
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Hello hello this is Henry, your one-stop shop for hexes, vexes, and all that perplexes!
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Pretty basic! Anon will be on, all are screened, I will be judicious about what gets in. For crit, I prefer specifics and examples. Inconsistencies are fine to bring up! Both within my RP and from canon. I don't have Henry's dialogue memorized so if you spot something, I'd like to know!

I'm probably gonna ignore tense switching because it happens a lot despite my efforts, so it's something I already know about.

I-statements preferred if possible. Thank you.
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One of the main things about Henry here is that he's a wicked powerful Dark Mage. In FE:A, this means he's good at dark magic, which specializes in cursing and hexes and such. Despite the name, dark magic isn't inherently evil, only comes with costs and requires rituals instead of using the elements of the world: the magic is only as evil as its user.

That said, since Henry is super into violence and is something of a trickster, he likes to curse people on the fly. Most of the time it'll be nonlethal, but inconvenient. Anything from having a runny nose for a few days to turning into a toad.

So while Henry will generally refrain since his time with the Shepherds taught him some restraint, he still likes flinging curses. So! Tell me what's okay, what's not, if you want to do this case by case, whatever! By default, I wont inflict curses except with sought permission. I would never do something w major impact on another character without it.

That said, if you have a wickedly fun idea and want to bring it up to me, this is a good place to do so! Dark magic has some pretty broad applications, so no idea is too out there!
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Oh, don't let all the joking around fool ya - I've got kind of a thing for killing )

I've got a number of supports that show Henry's distance from human social conventions! I'll just link them with a summary.

Avatar C Support: Henry "playing" with and dissecting a Risen (zombie) arm, oblivious to the Avatar's extreme discomfort.

Lissa B Support: Thinks Lissa is "strange" for not wanting anyone or any animal to die.

Frederick A Support and Tharja C Support: Henry isn't aware of his reputation or how others see him.

Miriel B Support: Doesn't see a problem with randomly cursing people.

Sumia C Support: "Oh, that sounds horrible!" "I know, right? It is! Nya ha ha!" ....'nuff said.

Sumia A Support: Henry offers to let Sumia use magic. So clearly the solution is to do a bodyswap hex instead of just teaching her.

Just... Ricken Supports: highlights include: casual treason ("is not"), delight at facing off against comrades on the battlefield, has to be persuaded not to focus on that. Talking about former comrades the Shepherds killed, doesn't pick up that Ricken's uncomfortable. Not good with "touchy-feely stuff".

Maribelle C Support: Didn't know eavesdropping was bad.

Panne B Support: Was raised more by animals than by humans.

Panne S Support: Encourages Henry to embrace his humanity, be more humanlike; implying he wasn't before.

Cordelia Supports: Doesn't understand her motives (C), or her feelings (B), had to ask for advice to make her feel better (A), applying all methods at once and repeatedly to make her feel better, thus a lack of nuance and understanding. Again admits he doesn't get "'feelings' stuff".

Nowi A Support: Once again Henry's attempt to help/cheer someone up falls flat because he doesn't get the intent/core of the problem.

Tharja C Support: Doesn't notice self smiling/expressions.

Olivia B Support: Underreacts to injuries, neglect, and abuse (B). Still doesn't notice own expressions (A).

Cherche C Support: Most friends are animals; unlike most humans, can easily discern individuals among animals.

Cherche A Support: She notices he doesn't let humans get close or make friend with them much, tries to encourage him to make human friends.

Summer Scramble DLC - Kellam: Once again unaware of expressions. After failing to help Kellam, Henry admits that "when I was a kid, my only friends were wolves, so they ended up raising me. Thing is...that made it tough for me to learn about basic human warmth and affection... Like just now, I tried to be nice to you and show you that I care and stuff, right? But I got it all wrong and instead just made you freak out. Sorry about that..."
bolding mine.

Summer Scramble DLC - Libra: Thinks that Libra not enjoying killing is "overthinking" and making it difficult for himself.

Introduction Scene: Henry outright forgets some human language.

I hope this is sufficient! Thank you again.


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